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Curriculum Approved By International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
American Board of Hypnotherapy
International Association of Counselors and Therapists
International Hypnosis Federation

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   Midwest Hypnosis Institute offers comprehensive Certified Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Training, as well as, individual and group hypnotherapy sessions in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our excellent instruction will provide you with the knowledge and tools that you need to become a successful professional.

   After completing the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, you will be fully prepared and qualified to be a professional Hypnotherapist teaching others to help themselves with stop smoking, pain and stress management, weight loss, painless childbirth, fears, motivation and much more. And as a professional you'll be entitled to professional compensation for your services and you'll enjoy the respect and prestige of being a professional practitioner in a respected field.

A New Career For You

What you can do to help others who need your help!
    So many people want to lose weight, stop smoking, gain self-confidence, and improve their lives. So many people can't. They struggle and struggle with diets. They lose pounds, then put them right back on. They quit smoking dozens of times, and they resolve to quit completely "next week." But, next week comes and they are still smoking. Persons with medical conditions are seeking alternative and complimentary care and Hypnosis is on the leading edge of the New Millennium. As a Hypnotherapist you can help these people help themselves. You can enjoy the professional satisfaction of seeing your clients improve before your own eyes. You will have made a difference in their lives.

What a career in Hypnotherapy can do for you!
    Because you will be a professional-
• You'll be entitled to professional compensation for your services
• You can expect that your earnings will be well above average
• You'll set your own office hours, see as many or as few clients
as you want and earn as much as you desire.
• You'll belong to professional association and move in new circles
• You'll enjoy the respect and prestige of being a professional practitioner in a respected field.

What you can do to help yourself and achieve your goals!
• You will learn the art of suggestion and how to use it effectively.
• You will discover how to program your own mind in all areas of your live
• You will improve your ability to communicate with family, friends, co-workers,
neighbors and others
• You will gain confidence as you practice with others and see positive results and changes.

       Stephen L. Griffeth, M.S., CHt.,
Founder and Executive Director of Midwest Hypnosis Institute, has a B.A. from Kansas State University, M.S. from Baker University, Ph.D(c) from American Pacific University and Certification in Hypnotherapy from The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. He began his studies as a Hypnotherapist in 1972 and has studied with many National and International teachers. After spending most of his career as a chemical engineer with major corporations, Stephen decided to change his direction and dedicate his life to helping others. After losing his inlaws to lung cancer, he felt called to help others to become non-smokers, lose weight, pain management, and many other issues. Today, Stephen has an active practice and teaches others the art and science of Hypnotherapy. It is his passion for teaching that has resulted in the founding Midwest Hypnosis Institute.

Course Information / Course Objective
    Individuals who complete this intensive training will develop the ability to use hypnosis effectively. This is specifically designed for self-improvement or for those in the Helping Professions; Physicians, Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers, Holistic Health Practitioners, Clergy, Educators, Sales Persons and Athletes. In addition, this curriculum is suitable for persons desiring to develop a new vocation or are considering a part-time or retirement career.

Eligibility and Entrance Requirements
    There are no restrictions on who many attend the training. The training is both for those persons new to the field and for those who wish to refine their skills. Persons over 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent may be admitted.

Course Length
    Courses are given on two weekends and for a total of 50 classroom hours and 100 hours of home study for a total of 150 hours. This schedule allows a student to obtain total classroom instruction and complete Directed Independent Study with a period of two weeks, thereby fulfilling requirements for a Diploma. After competition of each course (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) training, the student is eligible for active membership as a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Mission Statement
    Midwest Hypnosis Institute's mission is to provide students with the most comprehensive and practical experience based education in Hypnotherapist/Hypnosis. Graduates of Midwest Hypnosis Institute will be prepared to succeed in the field with the highest ethical and professional conduct.

    There is no formal licensing for Hypnotherapists and each student is encouraged to check with their State for specific requirements to practice as a Hypnotherapist.

School Policies

Class Sizes
sizes are limited and early registration is encouraged.

    Students must attend all classroom lectures to qualify for a diploma.

Grading System
    Students will be graded by tests, demonstrations of ability and class participation.

Progress Reports
    Progress reports are available upon request.

    None. The student must achieve a Passing Grade to receive credit.

    Students will be conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner at all times. Alcohol or illegal drugs will not be tolerated. The school administration maintains the right to dismiss students for improper conduct.

    Students who have been dropped or dismissed may re-enter by special arrangement with school officials if warranted. No student will be readmitted if found using illegal drugs.

Refund Policy
    Available upon request up to 10 days prior to the beginning of the first day of class, less $50.00. Refund is prorated to 50% of the course cost. If a student terminates after half of the course is completed, the entire contract fee will be owed to Midwest Hypnosis Institute.

    Financing is available, as well as, Visa, Mastercard, and personal checks. If interested in financing, please submit a written request and you will be contacted to discuss the specifics.

Basic Information

Classroom Facilities
    Classes will be held in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Most classes will be held in Lawrence, Kansas. Each class will be notified of the facility and location.

    Instructors will include Stephen L.Griffeth, Carol Henderson and other guest lectures. All instructors are Certified Hypnotherapist will extensive training.

    Stephen L. Griffeth is the Executive Director for Midwest Hypnosis Institute.

Application Fee
    A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 is to be included with all applications to Midwest Hypnosis Institute. Upon acceptance of your application and admissions to Midwest Hypnosis Institute, the student will be notified of acceptance into the program.

• Basic Course $697.00
• Intermediate Course $697.00
• Advanced Course $697.00

Fifty Dollars ($50.00) if paid 30 days before the beginning of class You will also receive the following as part of your tuition package:
• All required textbooks
• Training Manuals
• Marketing and Sales Tools
• Scripts
• Much more!

Federal Government Rules and Regulations

Tax Deductions
    An income tax deduction is allowed for educational expenses (including tuition, travel, meals and lodging) undertaken to maintain and improve professional skill-Treasury Regulation 11625

The Hypnotherapist
    The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (D.O.T.), published by the United States Department of Labor, defines occupations and assigns identification numbers to each occupation. This publication is recognized and utilized by Federal and State agencies including the Department of Education, Employment Development and Unemployment Insurance agencies. It is also utilized by U.S. Colleges and Universities for career guidance and counseling. 079.157-070-Hypnotherapist "induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns. Prepare client to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience. Tests subject to determine degrees of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces hypnotic state in client using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of clientÕs problem. May train client in self-hypnosis conditioning."

Additional Education Available
    After completing the Hypnotherapy courses described in this catalog, the student is fully qualified to be a professional Hypnotherapist and may immediately begin practicing as such. However, additional education is available for the student who is interested in further knowledge and enhance professional status. Midwest Hypnosis Institute offers periodic continuing educations seminars (CEU's) for Hypnotherapists and other professionals.

Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes for 2007 has not been finalized. Please check back or call for additional information.

Course Content

Basic Curriculum
History of Hypnosis
Induction Methods
Suggestibility Testing
Guided Imagery
Group Participation & Practice
Group Hypnosis
Principles of Suggestion
Weight Loss
Psychology of Hypnosis
Smoking Cessation
Pre-Induction Talk
Formulating Suggestions
Relaxation/Stress Management
Self Hypnosis
Hypnosis in Business, Sports, Medicine and Health
Setting up Practice
Directed Independent Study
Review & Exam

Intermediate Curriculum
Advanced Methods
Waking Hypnosis
Rapid Inductions
Hickman Method
Age Regression
Amnesia & Surgery
Dreams & Meaning
Post Hypnotic Suggestion
Visual Hallucination
Glove Anesthesia & Dentistry
Introduction to NLP
Stage Hypnosis
Medical/Dental Hypnosis
Oral & Written Exam
Directed Independent Study
The Elman Method

Advanced Curriculum
Fundamentals of Hypnoanalysis
Subconscious Order of Importance
Basic Communication Type
The 7 "R's" of Hypnotherapy
Initial Comprehensive Intake
Sexual Disorders
Word Association in Hypnosis
Theology of Hypnoanalysis
Dream Analysis in Hypnosis
Techniques for Release
Hypnoanalysis Goals in Therapy
Demonstration and Practicum
Subconscious Motivation of Health
Subconscious Motivation of Disease
Regression Therapy
Client Time Line
The Bryan Method
The Ericksonian Method

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